How It Works

Simple Steps to Sell Your Car Today

  • Do you have any old car in your car yard that has no value to you?
  • Looking to get rid your old car on same with some cash in hands?
  • Do you want to sell your old car that is dead and not running?

Then we’ll tell you how you can sell your old car without spending money on it. Choose old car removals and follow the process

  1. Call to Old Car Removals for quick price quote
  2. Share all your vehicle specification and location of car
  3. Get price quote and decide whether you want to book it
  4. If you agree then schedule date and time for old car pick up
  5. Remove your number plates and personal belongings
  6. Our team will arrive at your car place and will give cash in hands
  7. Get paper work for old car removal in your hands
  8. Our team will put your car on truck and will bring it to our car collection depot
  9. We’ll dispose the car and reuse the good parts of the car
  10. Remaining body will be converted into scrap metal for further use

Selling car without title and keys

Do you have a car with registration or title? Don’t you have the key of your car that you want to get rid of? No worries. We’ll still buy and remove this car for paying you same money as we quoted to you over the phone.

Things to do before selling old car

  • Remove your personal belongings from the car e.g., CDs, documents, Jewellery and any other tools
  • Take off the number plates if you selling your car without title
  • Get ready your any photo Id e.g., driving license
Brisbane Wide Services Car removal services

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